North Redmond Elementary School

Lake Washington School District // Redmond, WA

Scheduled for a 2018 completion, the new North Redmond Elementary School will house 550 students in the Lake Washington School District. Built on an undeveloped site, the 78,000-square-foot school features 30 classrooms in addition to music, science, art and special education spaces. The two-story school is organized around six shared learning communities, each of which includes five classrooms and support spaces surrounding a common learning area.

Silverdale Elementary School

Central Kitsap School District // Silverdale, WA

Opening in 2016, the modernization and addition to Silverdale Elementary School revitalizes an obsolete learning environment and provides an engaging atmosphere for student growth and creativity. The academic spaces are organized into three learning pods, which are organized around three themes: ocean, forest and mountain. In addition to providing color, shape and movement, these themes serve as wayfinding elements for students and visitors.

The library is centrally located, serving as the “heart” of the school. This multi-functional library will also serve as a public meeting space for community events in addition to formal and informal student gathering. The new building’s layout not only creates independent team areas, but also provides clearly defined areas of supervision and logical circulation paths throughout the facility.

New Wilburton Elementary School

Bellevue School District // Bellevue, WA

Built on an undeveloped site in a residential area, the design for the new elementary school in Bellevue's Wilburton neighborhood is both modern and warm, and includes a variety of sustainable features that not only serve as teaching tools, but also increase energy efficiency and make an important connection between nature and the built environment.

Classrooms are organized around six K-6 learning communities and a childcare community, with flexible shared learning areas in each community that support small groups, one-on-one mentoring and tutoring. As a Microsoft School of the Future, technology is incorporated in the classroom and throughout the school to enhance learning.

Wetlands, mature trees and a stream surround the two-story school and influence the school’s design and theme. Sustainable design is a priority, with multiple rain gardens, extensive daylighting, photovoltaic panels, ground source heating and solar water heating. A green roof adjacent to the outdoor courtyard at the center of the school is accessible from the STEM and Art classrooms, providing a valuable outdoor connection and teaching tool.  Completion scheduled for Fall 2017.

Loyal Heights Elementary School

Seattle Public Schools // Seattle, WA 
BLRB is currently collaborating with Seattle Public Schools on the rehabilitation and addition to the historic Loyal Heights Elementary School in the Ballard neighborhood. BLRB’s design seeks to preserve and honor the character of the historic building while transforming the school into a contemporary learning environment. Located on a small, 2.8-acre site, the Loyal Heights project presents the unique challenge of effectively doubling the school’s square footage while maintaining site space for fields, a covered play area, delivery access and student gardens.

Genesee Hill Elementary School

Seattle Public Schools // Seattle, WA
Following a collaborative design process which included a school and community-based design advisory team, the replacement of Genesee Hill Elementary School is under construction.  Addressing the challenges of a significant elevation difference across the six-acre site, the new, 90,000 SF, two-story school will allow for better supervision and usage of playfields and outdoor space, provide a contemporary learning environment for 600 students and offer shared use amenities that invites the participation of West Seattle neighbors in the life of the school.