Sumner Middle School

Sumner School District

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Addition & Modernization
107,194 SF

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In 2006, the former Sumner Junior High School revised its program from a junior high to a middle school model and was implementing the conversion in an outdated and inflexible facility. Based on the size of the student body (750), one of the design goals for this comprehensive modernization was to create small learning centers as a means of providing a more personalized, effective learning environment and facilitating student relationship building.

Due to its close relationship with the Sumner community, the modernization was designed to allow for and maximize community use and partnerships, to be a source of community pride and to act as a natural extension of the character of the surrounding community. BLRB Architects’ design provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art middle school that now supports and enhances Sumner Middle School’s educational model and celebrates its unique culture and traditions.