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New Construction
10,034 SF

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Conflux Brewing Company’s owners hired our team to create a ground-up industrial-modern home for their new brewery and restaurant in Missoula, Montana. We worked closely with the owners and their brewer to create a space that integrates into Missoula’s historic downtown while supporting the brewery’s contemporary brand. Our team was hired to manage the Conflux brewery and restaurant project from start to finish, through all design phases.

Our client envisioned a contemporary and industrial structure, stylish enough to hold its own in the hip downtown area of Missoula. Utilizing brick, both inside and out, in the dramatically open structure gave focus to an industrial tone.

Flowing out to an outdoor dining courtyard and patio, we were able to take advantage of the urban views – especially of a historic mural on a neighboring building’s brick wall.

Combining concepts of visibility and natural lighting, we installed full-height windows on all four sides of the dining area. The panoramic views to Main Street, Mount Sentinel, and inside the brewery itself, connect the craft to the community.