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‘O’ can stand for many things, from original to outstanding, optimistic and Oregonian – all of which apply to the hip, stylish new Oxford Hotel. The design for this seven-story, 59-room upscale boutique hotel includes a 2,000 square foot banquet/event room, a 75-seat restaurant and casual bar area, fitness center, elegant lobby and 3,400 square feet of street-level retail space. One of the challenges of this urban site was its narrowness, necessitating an essentially one-sided building looking to the south, with single-loaded corridors that allow for larger guest rooms and extensive mountain views. The facade is articulated into two smaller masses at the street to give the illusion of two four-story brick buildings. The use of brick and stone at the base ensured that the building fitted contextually with the historic feel of other structures in the street, and the heavier elements of the lower levels were balanced with the lighter touch of the upper floors, and the relief between the east and west wings featuring extensive use of glazing. Referred to by locals as ‘eco-chic’, the project also incorporated a variety of energy and resource conserving features.