12th Street Hill Climb

City of Tacoma/Pacific Plaza Development LLC

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BLRB developed the 12th Street Hill Climb after completion of Pacific Plaza to restore the mid-block pedestrian connection between downtown Tacoma’s Pacific Avenue and Commerce Street. In addition to its functional purpose, the site features public artwork commissioned from Vancouver, B.C. artist, Jill Anholt. Titled “Projecting Drop” the tiled art wall marks the spot where, below ground, the historic Turkish bath cisterns store water for Pacific Plaza’s green roof irrigation and non-potable building use. The work also incorporates an inspirational portion of an 1891 city proclamation that reads “From amidst a somber forest of firs, a city has risen as if by a stroke of an enchanter’s wand. Like a new Venice, Tacoma looks forth over the glassy waters and prepares to handle the commerce of the world.”