Tacoma Municipal Building

City of Tacoma, Washington

project information

Documentation and Restoration

project overview

BLRB Architects was selected to complete an intensive documentation of the three-building Tacoma Municipal Building Complex. The commission was the initial phase of an exterior restoration of the buildings forming the City offices.

The primary and largest building, the 18-story Art Deco Municipal Building, was constructed in 1930 as a medical office building and was converted to City offices in 1980. (BLRB Architects was the Architect of Record for the conversion.) Repairs to the buildings were made in 1980 and in subsequent years.

The municipal building is on the National Register of Historic Places and under review by the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission. The project encompassed preparation of a documentation plan consisting of a field survey of the buildings’ exterior, the identification of all forms of deterioration and a complete design plan for restoration. The documentation and restoration plan was completed in 2010 with presentations to the City staff, Tacoma Historic Preservation Office and the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission. Phase II will conclude with the completion of design and construction.