Mount Tahoma High School

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Mt. Tahoma’s students, staff and community were energized when voters approved a $77.7 million bond for replacement of their high school. The school’s South Tacoma neighborhood was swept up in the project, embracing the planning process with BLRB, and came together to develop several key goals to guide the school’s design. Educationally, Mount Tahoma is designed to increase student achievement and staff effectiveness by creating a personalized learning environment that helps to strengthen relationships between students and staff. To that end, the school is organized into four independent learning academies, or “schools within a school,” each accommodating approximately 400 to 450 students, with a student commons, or “social heart” linking the academies. The school has been embraced by the community, and fills a void as a community gathering place of which people are proud. This is a true 21st century high school, completed on time and, due to creative scheduling and innovative use of materials, $2,000,000 under budget.