We have come to appreciate that schools are central to the lives of the communities they serve.  They embody the development of a region, city or town, carrying with them the rich history of a community’s growth and evolution.  Schools reflect the culture, character and values of the people they serve and function as a hub and center of community life.  It is therefore our practice to work collaboratively and inclusively with our district clients, ensuring a tailored, thoughtful design approach, and projects that are, in all respects, in context with their surrounding communities.

Through over 65 years of architectural practice, we have been privileged to work with approximately 85 distinct school districts in Washington and Oregon varying in size from under 1,000 students to more than 40,000.  Whether working in a small, rural community or an urban district with tens of thousands of students, we never lose sight of the fact that every element of planning and design will affect the students whose achievement and success is the motivating force behind our work.

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