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Our Approach

We employ a broadly inclusive and collaborative approach to planning and design that meaningfully integrates our clients and their stakeholders.

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Collaborative Planning

A clear, broadly accepted vision is the foundation for project success. From the earliest stages of design exploration, we lead our clients and stakeholders through a comprehensive process that ensures current and future needs are identified and addressed in project design. We employ an immersive hands-on approach to design development that meaningfully integrates our clients into the process and allows them to see the real-world impact of choices on project outcomes.


Tailored Design Approach

We don't design at arm's length. Particularly when working with education, civic, and other public agency clients, we establish on-site programming and design studios during project development. Our design approach facilitates day-to-day interaction with building users and key client stakeholders, and provides valuable insights into the unique practices and preferences of our clients that ultimately shape project design.

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Community Inclusion

Public projects are watched closely by their constituents. We're experienced at eliciting and integrating community feedback into the design process and are adept at facilitating outreach efforts to gather and share information and identify community values, priorities, opinions, and perceived obstacles to project development. Our community engagement approach has made us the firm of choice for capital bond planning and development for public school district, municipal and park, and recreation clients throughout the Northwest.

We believe that the people who use buildings, rather than buildings themselves, are of primary importance in the practice of architecture. Accordingly, we never lose sight of the fact that every element of our work will affect the daily experience of those who use the spaces we design.


Our Philosophy

We believe the most successful projects are a direct reflection of community needs, history, character and social fabric. Above most everything else, we're committed to an inclusive, collaborative project development process that respects the participation and contribution of every individual. In all we do, we strive to create welcoming and inviting spaces that are in context with their surroundings and embody warmth and humanity.

Our Design Emphasis

Our firm is focused on supporting the optimal fulfillment of human needs and the enhancement of individual daily experience through well-conceived, innovative and sustainable architectural design. Through an authentic use of materials, respect for context, and creative utilization of space, we work with each of our clients to create spaces that harmonize with their surroundings and provide a comforting and inspirational sense of place.

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