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Frequently Asked Questions - Ascent Acquisition


HOW DID THIS IDEA TAKE SHAPE? BLRB’s managing principal, Greg McCracken, and Ascent owner, Seth Anderson, were former colleagues and maintained a professional relationship grounded by a shared approach to design, service and operations. A chance meeting in the Redmond airport last year led to a series of conversations revealing synergies in the two firms’ approach to architectural planning and design, client service and workplace culture that culminated in the decision to unite under one roof. Both firms put client-driven design at the heart of their business models and shared a vision of becoming a regional resource and innovative design leader for clients across the region.

WHAT’S THE LOCAL INDUSTRY IMPACT? This move positions BLRB Architects as one of the largest firms in the Central Oregon market with a deep bench of talent and capabilities. Every practice area from K-12 to housing, public agency to brewery, product manufacturing to restaurants has been enhanced by the infusion of additional team talent with an emphasis on client-focused design and responsive service.

HOW WILL THIS AFFECT PROJECTS AND CLIENTS? Clients of both firms will experience a seamless transition and will benefit from this expanded bench of staff and capabilities. Existing project teams will remain in place so that momentum, knowledge and team synergy are carried forward and maintained. Clients will benefit from staff access to new resources and technologies, and will continue to experience excellence in service, engagement and the design product.

WHAT’S NEXT? Staff at BLRB Architects and Ascent will remain in their locations for a short time before bring operations under one roof later this Fall. Watch for more acquisition news and what it means for the architectural landscape in Central Oregon over the coming months.

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