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Centralia High School

  • Client:

    Centralia School District

  • Completion:


  • Location:

    Centralia, WA

  • Type:

    Modernization & Addition

  • Size:

    149,000 SF

  • Construction Cost:


Honored To Serve A Legacy Client

Revitalization & Expansion To Meet Contemporary Learning Needs

Delivered collaboratively via GC/CM on a conservative budget, this comprehensive high school revitalization encompassed the modernization of the 137,820 SF existing single-story high school building, and the addition of 11,000 SF of new space. We were particularly honored to be commissioned to serve this project, as our firm designed and delivered the original Centralia High School in 1969.


An overarching emphasis on repairing and enhancing existing elements where possible - lumber, brick, concrete flooring - rather than removal and replacement guided project design. Cost-effectiveness, durability and maintainability guided the design approach and material selection. 

The leading programmatic goals were to increase the size and effectiveness of learning spaces, provide contemporary STEM and CTE education program areas, and expand the commons and food service areas so that the entire 1,100 student body could be accommodated in one sitting.


The design increased both the number and size of general classrooms, and provided flexible use breakout space for small group and one-on-one instruction. 

The new STEM program offers state-of-the-art science labs and learning technology, and an outdoor learning area adjacent to the biology lab classrooms supports applied learning activities.


The Visual, Musical and Performing Arts areas were renovated and the auditorium now offers the flexibility to support theatrical performances as well as school and community gatherings and events. 

The Library serves as the heart of the school, offering meeting rooms, collaborative maker spaces and connections to social nodes including a cafe/bistro. 


New construction allowed for an expanded administrative office and student services, and a main entry designed to enhance faciilty security, safety and supervision. All work was completed on an occupied site.

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