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633 NW York dr aerial_0226_web

Northwest Crossing Medical Clinic

  • Client:

    NWX Medical Clinic

  • Completion:


  • Location:

    Bend, OR

  • Type:

    New Medical Clinic/Office

  • Size:

    3,400 SF

  • Construction Cost:


Accommodating unique needs

Cohesive and Multi-Functional Design

When the owners of two medical practices outgrew their offices and couldn’t find new space to suit their needs, they collaboratively engaged us to design and deliver a new clinic building tailored to their unique practice needs.

633 NW York dr aerial_0226_web
West Bend Family Medicine_0129 web

The design was underpinned by the desire to maintain distinct identity for each business, a family medical practice and physical therapy clinic, while delivering a cohesive, sustainable and cost-effective building.

West Bend Family Medicine_0054 web

With a Northwest contemporary design expression, the building’s prominent shed roof reaches out, welcoming clients from both the street and parking lot, and clearly defining the main entrance. 

West Bend Family Medicine_0048 web

Clients enter the building through a central lobby and each practice is housed in a distinct wing and there is a separate entry for staff.

Untitled_HDR-2 web
West Bend Family Medicine_0032 web

The interior finishes and color palette are soothing throughout, and the interior design for each practice is unique and visually defined.

West Bend Family Medicine_0019 web

Next Project

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