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Wilburton Elementary School

  • Client:

    Bellevue School District

  • Completion:


  • Location:

    Bellevue, WA

  • Type:


  • Size:

    83,000 SF

  • Construction Cost:



Flexible, adaptable sustainable educational design

Gifted with the inherent richness of opportunity in the creation of a new school on a park-like, greenfield site, our client, the design team and project stakeholders wholeheartedly embraced the development of an agile, sustainable elementary school that is educationally and environmentally responsive to its students, teachers and community. A Microsoft Lighthouse School, Wilburton is part of a technologically linked global learning community offering real-time interaction with other elementary classrooms around the world.


Learning happens everywhere

Through experiential and technological methodologies, students receive a personalized, multi-modal and largely self-directed learning experience that can happen virtually anywhere within, and outside, the school.


Integrating indoor & outdoor space

Physical and technological flexibility work in tandem to optimize the usability of indoor and outdoor space for learning activities. Folding glass walls open learning spaces onto multiple courtyards, facilitating outdoor learning and connection with the natural world.


An emphasis on environmental stewardship

A host of sustainable strategies make Wilburton a leader in environmental and resource conservation.


Sustainable strategies throughout

Extensive daylighting, natural ventilation, and sensor and zone controlled lighting and HVAC were integrated throughout the interior. Multiple rain gardens and a green roof adjacent to the STEAM courtyard augments experiential learning opportunities provided by three preserved wetland areas on site.


Generating energy & conserving resources

A photovoltaic array, geothermal heating/cooling system and solar water heating work together to both generate and conserve energy. Integrated, web-based Building Dashboard technology allows students and staff to view energy and resource consumption on site or online in real time, making all building occupants active partners in resource conservation.


Site preservation & outdoor learning

The preservation of wetlands on-site, multiple rain gardens and an accessible green roof provide outdoor sustainable learning opportunities and teach environmental stewardship to Wilburton’s students. Renewable energy and resource conservation strategies make Wilburton among the most measurably sustainable and operationally cost-efficient schools in Washington State.


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