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We’ve been privileged to serve municipal and other public clients in Washington and Oregon for master planning, design and delivery on a variety of project types with a high level of community interest.

Civic content

Our firm bring a depth of experience and unique in-house expertise with a variety of projects for public use, including:

Recreation & Athletics

  • Senior Centers & Senior Support Facilities
  • Teen Centers & Community Recreation Centers
  • Gymnasiums, Weight Rooms & Fitness Studios
  • Sports and General Use Fields
  • Aquatic Centers, Swimming Pools & Splash Pads
  • Climbing Walls
  • Inclusive Playgrounds

Arts & Education Spaces

  • Performance & Music Presentation Space
  • Classrooms & Maker Spaces
  • Childcare & Early Learning Facilities

Service and Support Areas

  • Kitchens (Commercial, catering, instruction)
  • Restaurants, Snack Bars, Coffee shops, Food Truck Pods
  • Amphitheaters, Outdoor Plazas
  • Meeting and Conference Space
  • Community Health Centers & Family Support


  • Senior Affordable Housing
  • Assisted Living Communities
Featured Projects